Automotive Trim Development

Automotive Trim Developments is actually a company that specialise in providing customers with interior trim solutions for the marine, automotive and aviation markets, they have capabilities of bespoke design. ATD have the expertise and staff to develop straight form CAD and concept drawings all the way through to the finished product or production ready pattern.

Their main strength and focus lies in the manufacture and development of leather products however their large scale projects and extensive ‘hands on’ experience give them the understanding for requirements of a variety of different design briefs.

Concept Stage

Usually the design concept will come from the customer, they will plan it out as they would like the finished product to be and AVT will develop that concept into its final form, however they also offer in house concept design from their own design studios. The engineers can even work at your own choice of location providing they are under your guidance.

At this stage they will also give you guidance on they best use of materials for you to use and achieve the highest possible standard for your brief.

Development Stage

The CAD information or drawing achieved during the concept stage can now be turned into foam components. These foam representations of your design are then used for pre-production and reviews.

Manufacturing Stage

Here all the hard work pays off and what started out as a concept becomes reality, your product is manufactured using the latest plotting, digitising and cutting equipment.

The 3 stages above are the 3 main steps towards the manufacture of your bespoke interior design.

If you are in need of this service check out our product pages, they contain many

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Clear Coat Thoughts for Modern Automobiles

Sunlight problems from ultra violet are getting worse now due to lessening of the Ionisphere from natural pollution, green house or so we have been warned. These UV rays can easily be protected with clear coats, ceramic coatings and a good wax job you car. If you were out in the sun and the skin on your nose started to peel or your eyes were becoming white blinded by the sun you would no doubt put on some sunglasses, a hat and perhaps some sun block. Today’s automobile is ready and able to prevent this through its clear coating, but it must be cared for to do its job.

Swirl marks are caused by car washes or untrained auto detailers, which are too aggressive for the paint. Such swirl marks are etchings in your cars clear coat. They reveal damage to the paint. If you are waxing a car and wonder if you have damaged the paint there are ways to tell. How can you tell when you have accomplished the task in waxing your car correctly thus saving the paint and creating a mirror finish? Take your watch and tilt it sideways and then upside down and it should look like a movie clip and then a mirror as you spin your watch with no distortion. You should be able to read the time in your paint by the reflection. Another way is to take a fluorescent light and see if it is crisp or if you have any weird wave patterns coming off of the paint in the form of distortion or refraction of the light in any other direction except directly into your line of sight. Before going hog wild on the clear coat with Clay Magic or any other materials, Check the clear coat width. These units are from the old plating industry and used in industry to test thickness of substances. There are small units used by art consultants and engineers;

but in the auto detailing industry they use little hand hold units to check the number of mils thick a clear coat has left on it after battling elements for sometime. You can find them on eBay cheap. Only serious auto detailers carry these. A good clear coat is 5 mils or more, but most manufacturers use 2-4 mils and the substances are better than before. Color coats are usually 3-5 mils and primer coats are 1-3 mils. Aircraft use more one step paints to save weight and many manufacturers use less paint to save cost and save steps by using multi-step paints, some good and some not. Minor oxidation can decay paint about 1-1.8 mils. Surface scratches and shopping carts can cut through clear coat and half way into color coats, thus a filler wax is needed after treatment is

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